New Monastic Roundtable 2020
What's it about?

This annual event is intended for all those who wonder how a monastic lifestyle and rhythm could function in today's world; for those who are interested in community life and the founding of new monastic communities. The Roundtable takes place from Friday evening to noon on Sunday. Day visitors are welcome on Saturday. The meeting is traditionally taking place in Switzerland, however, other venues are being considered. The initiator and sponsor of the event is Adventure 300, a learning journey for new monastic communities in Europe.


Each year communities from all over Europe are invited to participate. This international flair is characteristic of the Roundtable and allows for insight into a great variety of communal life. The aim is that communities from all kinds of backgrounds will get to know each other by sharing from their experience, both good and bad. The roundtable’s program leaves enough room for personal discussions over a meal or a glass of wine, as the aim is to connect people with a similar vision.


The personal exchange is complemented by presentations given by people who have been living a monastic lifestyle for years. These impulses will hopefully broaden our horizon and help us gain new ideas for our own practice. The Roundtable is not simply intended to impart knowledge, but to encourage people to set out on their own monastic adventures.


The Roundtable is a family gathering, not an impersonal glossy event with a big stage. We are open for the work of the Holy Spirit . Being authentic and sharing stories from both our victories and defeats is a key element of the Roundtable. We promote a culture of learning from each other rather than comparing and playing number games. It is also important for us to be in an inspiring environment where play and fun are possible. This is why we encourage whole families to attend the gathering. There is a special program for children and teens.

What awaits you?
Friday 21 August 2020




Registration open


Opening Ceremony

Saturday 22 August 2020








Registration Day Visitors

Main Session


Workshops, French connect 

End Day Visitors



Sunday 23 August 2020



Main Session

Lunch and end of the weekend

 Northumbria GB

A diverse, worldwide Christian community, discovering and living a new monastic spirituality.


To be confirmed...

A few families living in a monastic community in the city of Arnheim. Sharing a common rhythm and a rule of life.


Christustraeger brothers live, pray and work together. They offer retreats and quiet days in their beautiful place in Ralligen, Switzerland.

Contributing Communities

Every year we ask a few communities to tell us more about themselves, their story, their passion and their struggles.




Our keynote speakers will talk to us about their experience with the topic

"alone & together".

Jill Weber

Jill Weber works at 24-7 Prayer as Director of Spiritual Formation. She is also the Global Convenor of the Order of the Mustard Seed, a lay ecumenical religious order. Jill is a trained spiritual director and writer.

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Ian Mobsby

Ian Mobsby is a writer, speaker, missioner, Anglican Priest and an enthusiast of new monasticism.

"I am an ordinary bloke who is passionate about life, modern art, contemporary culture Christian spirituality, and surfing – the cyber and water varieties. I live and work in Central London."

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Catherine Askew

Catherine Askew is part of the leadership of the Northumbria Community, a global disbursed community of about 450 members.

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Ian Mobsby

Bedding is included.

Please bring your own towels.

Meals are provided.
Let us know if you have special dietary requests.


The whole weekend will be translated into 

English  and German.

Additionally, Saturday's session is translated into French.

Kids and Teens

On Saturday the kids and teenagers will have their special program.

More infos soon...


Whole Weekend

Adult CHF 267

Child 4-16 CHF 190

Daypass Saturday

Adult CHF 70

Kids 4-16 CHF 30

If you can't afford the weekend, please get in contact with us!

Practical Information

Adventure 300

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