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Who are we?
Adventure 300

Adventure 300 started in 2018 with the first cohort of young people called to live in new monastic communities or to live as urban monks.

Over a period of two years they get equipped by hearing lectures, learning on site in different communities and by learning more about their personality in a field exercise in the beautiful Swiss pre-Alps.

The New Monastic Roundtable is one of the tools to stay connected.

A300 has been organising the weekend since 2017.

Hosting Communities
Manor House Community

What do you get when families, couples and singles decide to live in a community of houses and shared gardens?

A vibrant, down-to-earth, chaotic, imperfect but authentic group of Christ followers, doing the hard work of getting along with each other as we explore modern monasticism – rooted on ancient spirituality, grounded in today’s society.

The common rhythm of prayer helps us discover the new stories God is writing in and through our lives. It holds us together while also compelling us to move out and on.

We find others attracted by it, joining us on the journey to see similar communities planted all over Europe.

Stadtkloster Thun

First and foremost, we are a community of people who share their faith as well as their living space. Currently in an „ad-interims-home“ in Spiez, we simply want to live out the presence of God – not only in the street we live in, but also in the context of our workplaces, where we are fully engaged in non-church jobs.

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